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Chicco MyFit Combination Seat Review


We’ve been using the Chicco MyFit for a few months now, and since installed it quite a few in different vehicles, so I thought it’d be the perfect time to review. I want to note that this car seat was not provided to me by Chicco or Metro Detroit Mommy.  I purchased it locally at Modern Natural Baby because my son outgrew his convertible car seat and wasn’t ready for a belt positioning booster quite yet.   Here’s the good and the annoying.


The Chicco MyFit is narrow, measuring 17.5in across at its widest point (at the child’s torso), which makes it a good option for an attempt at 3-across situations.  I can easily put three kids in the back seat of my Chevy Equinox if I utilize my other narrow options (a Babideal backless booster, Britax Parkway highback/backless booster, or MiFold belt positioner).  I’ve also used it in combination with Clek convertibles and a Peg Perego 4-35 Nido infant seat to achieve 3-across for clients in various vehicles.  The included cup holders fold in on themselves to help install a seat next to it, which is sort of neat.

The harness height allows for a tall child to stay harnessed longer than they typically could thanks to its 19″ top harness slots.  That’s 2″ taller than the convertible seat my son had outgrown, and based on his growth curve and the average rate of growth for kids his age I knew this harness would last him at least another year or two.  This was important to me because even though my son is 6.5 he is not ready to be boostered full time; he’s a squirrelly mess and has a hard time staying in the right position for the seat belt to do its job, so in the harness he stays.  He keeps asking me for a booster, mostly because he wants the one his sister used to ride in, but it’s not an option until he can be trusted to keep himself safe.  That said, the booster mode provided a great fit for him.

The no-rethread harness adjust system allows you to adjust the harness as your child grows, and makes it ideal for when you transport kids of different sizes.  Just pull the loop at the top of the head rest and move it up or down to accommodate the size of the child in the seat.  As with any forward facing harnessed seat, the harness straps should be visible above the child’s shoulders.  If you’re using the seat as a booster you’ll adjust the shoulder belt height the same way, again making sure the shoulder belt is above the child’s shoulder and positioned evenly between their neck and shoulder.

Color-coded stickers on the side help  guide you through the install (but please, read the manual first!).  The MyFit also allows the seat to be reclined for both the child’s comfort and ease of installation.  Some versions of the MyFit have Super Cinch LATCH tighteners on the lower anchors, which act as force multipliers, helping ensure a snug install with little effort.  Of course, this is only an option for children who weigh under 40lbs because at that point you switch to a seat belt install due to weight limits on the lower anchors.

Finally, the harness tightening mechanism is a dream.  Smooth like buttah.  Now, this may not be important to you but to me it’s kind of a must. I have used quite a few car seats in the 10 years since I’ve been a mom and have harnessed my fair share of kids in my 4 years of being a tech – and this tightener is one of the best.  It doesn’t get caught on anything (like my Harmony Defender did sometimes), I don’t have to pull hard to achieve a snug fit, and the harness glides like an Olympic skater across the ice.  So nice.  This makes the seat an ideal choice for caregivers with limited hand strength or mobility.

The Annoying:

Push down in seat pan, pull up on shoulder belt

Installing the seat can be tricky in some vehicles due to the shape of the seat and its belt path.  Some people find it to be difficult, and though I’ve yet to replicate the issues I can understand how it’s possible.  If you have install issues with the seat try pulling the shoulder belt up from behind the cover while pressing down into the seat pan.  Still having issues?  Find a tech to help you out.

The downside to a seat being narrow on the outside is that it’s usually narrow on the inside, too.  The seat fits my 50lb son just fine but for kids who are sturdier than he is, the confines of the seat may lead to comfort issues.

The MyFit ships with the lower anchors hanging out of the belt path.  Storing them so you can use the seat belt to install the seat without them being in the way is a bit of a pain, since you have to move the fabric of the seat out of the way and pull up on a hidden door in the seat pan to find the storage location.  Keeping in mind that using the lower anchors is only permitted for kids under 40lbs, this area should be easier to find.

While the harness strap covers and crotch buckle covers are removable (and washable), the grippy pads surrounding the chest clip are not removable and Chicco only permits spot cleaning on these.  It’s up to you to determine if this is an issue, though.  They are a safety feature and should always stay on the harness.


Harness mode: 2 years old minimum suggested age. Use only between 25 and 65lbs and less than 54″ tall.
Booster mode:  4 years old minimum suggested age. Use only between 40 and 100lbs and between 38 and 57″ tall.

Seat measurements

  • The seat pan measures 14″ at its narrowest.  The highest harness slot is just above 19″ and the widest part of the seat is 17.5″ measured from the outsides.
  • DO NOT install this seat in harness mode using an inflatable seat belt.  Use LATCH or, if over the weight limit, find a different seating position.
  • Inflatable belts are allowed when being used as a booster, provided that the piece of the belt that inflates is not in the shoulder belt guide.
  • The MyFit has an 8 year expiration.
  • Chicco allows the use of the lower anchors while the seat is in booster mode, and allows for the harness system to stay intact (but stored) while being used as a booster.  Please consult the manual for details on how to do this.

As always, if you have questions about this review or anything else car seat related, reach out to me or another CPST for help!

Author: Dana

Dana is the lucky mother to two incredible kids (aged 10 & 6) and the happy wife of Nate. She stumbled around in her adult life for a while before finally realizing that she could get paid to pursue her passion: keeping kids safe. In 2013 she started working at Modern Natural Baby in Ferndale where she eventually became a Child Passenger Safety Technician with additional Special Needs training. Dana also runs the child passenger safety-focused Facebook page Buckle Up Detroit and works with the amazing lady bosses at Metro Detroit Doula Services offering car seat classes, consultations, and more!