Celebrate World Wildlife Day at Sea Life Michigan

The global celebration of the United Nations World Wildlife Day 2019  will take place on Sunday, March 3.  This year’s theme is  ‘Life below water: for people and planet‘.  This is the first year that World Wildlife Day will focus on marine species.

World Wildlife Day 2019 will highlight the critical issues facing marine wildlife and the value of marine wildlife in our everyday lives.

Celebrate World Wildlife Day at Sea Life Michigan

Celebrate and honor World Wildlife Day 2019 with a trip to SEA LIFE MichiganSEA LIFE Michigan is the largest aquarium in Michigan. The aquarium spans 35,000 square feet and features aquariums that hold a grand total of 150,000 gallons of water.  With over 250 species and 2,000 creatures, visitors can view sharks, rays, green sea turtles and more in their twelve different learning zones!

SEA LIFE Michigan has a strong commitment to our oceans and marine wildlife.  They are currently participating in the Breed, Rescue, Protect program that ensures that each creature receives the best care based on the experience of their marine biologists.  Sea Life Trust is a charity that partners with SEA LIFE Michigan.  Their mission is to protect the world’s oceans.   In addition to working with global organizations, SEA LIFE Michigan has partnered with local organizations such as the Clinton River Watershed Council, Oakland County Parks and Friends of the Detroit River to promote the health and conservation of our local waters.

A visit to SEA LIFE Michigan is a great way to learn about marine and freshwater wildlife.  In addition to seeing plants and animals up close, there are many opportunities for guests to learn about conservation and how our actions have a direct impact on the bodies of water around us.   Are you eating fish that are at risk? How does our garbage affect fish?  Keep your eyes open for touch screens and educational signs about the aquarium.  These are great learning opportunities for visitors of all ages.

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Celebrate World Wildlife Day at SEA LIFE Michigan

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