My three children and I were given the opportunity to see the first ever CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS movie for free a little while ago and we jumped at the chance. They were super impressed by my name on printed out saving seats for the four of us. My middle child was ecstatic to see the movie, as she is an enormous Captain Underpants fan. She regularly reads through the entire series and I often find her up past bedtime reading them to her little sister.

The movie begins in comic book form, much like the series. The mythology of Captain Underpants himself is given and the story begins. Its a silly, absurd, rowdy ride that left the entire theater laughing. There are jokes for adults and kids alike. At a PG rating its both fun and safe for the whole family, if you don’t mind a fair amount of potty humor.

While there aren’t many deep, meaningful life lessons from a cartoon movie about a superhero in his underwear, the friendship between the elementary aged creators of the hero, George and Harold, is inspiring in its own, naughty way. They’re little boys doing what they’re good at, what they love, and with someone they care about.

Starring the voices of Kevin Hart, Ed Helm, Nick Kroll, Thomas Middleditch, and Kristen Schaal.
Directed by David Soren
DreamWorks Animation
Rated PG

Amanda Stein

Amanda Stein is a mother of three who has been married for over a decade. She earned her Masters of Social Work fand has worked as a clinical social worker in the past. Currently a stay-at-home-mom Amanda has a passion for writing, rediscovered a love of running, and loves cooking and baking.

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