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Burger King: Clawson on 14 Mile

When my son, Damain, was younger my father and I used to take him to the Burger King on 14 Mile in Clawson  quite regularly.  We have some fond memories of playing in the tubes and tunnels and I was excited to return to see what it was like now.

The playscape is very large with many tunnels, tubes and a large spiral slide.  There is a toddler area on the floor which includes a steering wheel, tic tac toe and other activities, but I wouldn’t recommend this structure for anyone under the age of 4.  Rosa, at almost age 3, was not able to access the slide or the uppermost part of the structure by herself, which led to much frustration for her.  I witnessed children that were 5 that had a hard time climbing up the netted platform steps.

The play area was clean.  Seating is available in the play area, but there is no bathroom in the play area.

We did have a good time, but only because there were a few older children who were willing to help Rosa climb up to the slide level.

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