Brookwood Fruit Farm: A Family Trip

Five generations of Bristols have worked and built the Brookwood Fruit Farm in Almont into one of the finest orchards in the region. While other orchards and cider mills have bounce houses or petting zoos, Brookwood’s focus remains on what has kept it going for nearly 200 years: family. The Bristol family wants your family to come out, spend the afternoon together, and leave with a delightful selection of fruit, donuts, cider, and honey.

Frequently hosting school or scout groups, Brookwood Fruit Farm offers tours that will you through the history and production processes of the farm. You can tour the enormous refrigerators, storage, sorting, and bakery. I brought my children with me and Will was patient and kind to them despite their being extra cranky that day.

After the tour of the facility it’s time to pick your fruit. Right now it’s apple season and while the cool weather affected the quality of apples across the state, Brookwood has a fine offering of delicious apples. Though they normally have a wider variety of apple types. It was recommended that I pick two types, Macintosh and Cortland, for my applesauce and it’s the sweetest I’ve ever made.

On our way out we chose one a gallon of cider and box of cinnamon donuts. Brookwood’ cider is specially made from their best apples and processed so only the delicious clear cider is left. They make sure there is no cider fog in their final product. It was a challenge driving home without digging in to both the cider and and donuts.

Apple picking is a Michigan tradition and Brookwood Fruit Farm’s focus on family makes it trip you can’t miss and will come back to year after year.

Amanda Stein

Amanda Stein is a mother of three who has been married for over a decade. She earned her Masters of Social Work fand has worked as a clinical social worker in the past. Currently a stay-at-home-mom Amanda has a passion for writing, rediscovered a love of running, and loves cooking and baking.

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