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Bounce U – Troy Permanently Closed

Rosa loves to bounce, so we were very excited to check out Bounce U in Troy, which is very close to our home.  We went to an open bounce on a Monday.  Bounce U is located right off of Rochester Road north of 14 mile.  There is a sign on the west side of the road to lead you in the right direction.  It is located at the very end of a long set of industrial buildings.

Inside there is a very nice sized lobby, two bounce rooms, two party rooms and bathrooms.  We filled out our waiver and entered into the first bounce room.  We took off our shoes and began to play.  What I liked about Bounce U was that I could enter the inflatables with Rosa and play with her.  In the first room there was a regular moon walk bounce, a giant slide, an obstacle course, a trampoline and an inflatable that had compressed air guns that shot balls.

After about 45 minutes of play we were directed to move to the other room to play.  We also had to move our shoes and other belongings.  The second room contained another giant slide with a rock wall on one side, a different obstacle course, basketball inflatable and a moon walk with hoops and balls inside.  Rosa had a ton of fun checking out all of the different things to do.

Each room contained it own water fountain, cubbies for shoes, tables and vending machines.  Overall the place looked very clean and well maintained.  There was plenty for us to do and with only one other child there we had plenty of room and didn’t have to wait for anything.  The bathrooms were spacious and clean and the party rooms looked like they would be a great place to host a birthday.  Only two minor issues, when you first walk into the bounce area, it smells of feet and the music that was playing could have been a little more appropriate for preschool aged children.  We had a good time and we will be back.

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