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Bounce House – New Baltimore

This location is now CLOSED!
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We visited the Bounce House on 23 Mile and Jefferson.  The location was very easy to find.  It’s in the strip mall on the south side of the road.  We arrived a few minutes before 3 p.m. and took advantage of the promotion they are currently running.  Admission before 3 p.m. is just $5 every school day.

The employee was very friendly.  She helped us promptly and chatted with me for a bit before we entered the play area.  There are cubbies for shoes and hooks for coats near the entrance.

In the play area there are six big bouncers.  One is designed for children under the age of six with a small slide and other features.  Next to that was an arena bounce with two soft pugil sticks that could only encourage a rousing game of king of the mountain.  Next to that was a basketball game, then another bouncer with an obstacle course and a huge slide.  This row of entertainment was capped off with a row of $.02 casino style games.

The middle row of bouncers featured a basketball game and a bouncer with two huge pairs of gloves.  Behind this row were three amusement rides that were free (yeah).  Rosa enjoyed these the most.  One long obstacle course race bouncer finished up the middle section and finally the back wall was lined with free video games for the children (and adults).  There are a few tables in the middle for parents to sit or enjoy a drink or hot dog from the front.  Finally there are two sections near the front designated for parties with plenty of picnic style seating.

I noticed that some of the games were out of order, along with one of the restrooms, but other than that everything looked clean and well taken care of.  The restroom was decent, no odor, clean and contained a changing table and a chair (presumably for nursing mothers).

Overall, Rosa and I had a grand time, even though for most of our visit she was the only child.  The one big bummer about this place (compared to other bounce places) is that they do not allow you to bounce with your child.  So young children are on their own, and if you are the only guest, he/she will have no one to play with.  Other than that, it was great.  They have reduced their pricing since our last visit (now regularly $8 per child).

 Also, be sure to call each location before you visit.  Most don’t open until noon or are not open seven days a week.  However, I was told that if you have a group (mom’s group, preschool or school field trip) they will open up for you at a convenient time.

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