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Bounce House – Harper & 9 1/2 in St. Clair Shores

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Today was so dreary, filled with rain and wind. The perfect day to explore the last of the five Metro Detroit Bounce House locations. This facility is located on Harper & 9 1/2 mile in a shopping plaza.

Parking for this location is located in the rear of the building, but the only entrance is on Harper, so Rosa and I had to walk around to the front of the building in the pouring, windy rain. YUCK!

 Upon entering, the first thing one sees is the front desk along with the concessions. Water, juice, soda, hot dogs and more are available at very reasonable prices. We signed in and paid. Bounce House runs a school day special until 3 p.m., just $5 per child. It is a great deal considering all you get.


After paying, we continued through to the hallway where there were several private party rooms, the restroom, a coat rack and several cubbies for shoes. We took off our wet coats and boots and placed them in the appropriate spaces.

Just beyond the hallway was the main game area. A long row of mostly free-play video games lined one of the walls. Step stools are available for children that are not tall enough to reach the games.

After the video game room, there was the first bounce room. This room contained three bouncers; a mini obstacle course, a toddler combo bounce, and a basketball bounce. Rosa enjoyed bouncing in all three. In addition to the bouncers, there was another row of video games and three amusement rides for the children. 

Finally, the last room contained two bouncers, the blob, a huge slide, and even more video games. There were benches and chairs throughout all the rooms for parents to rest while watching their children play.

This location was clean and well maintained. At just 2 years and 3 months old, Rosa was able to navigate all of the bouncers with ease. We had a grand time, but wish there was a location closer to our home so we could visit more often.

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