Booth Park – Birmingham

Thank you to a few of our fans for suggesting Booth Park in Birmingham to me.  It is located off of Old Woodward a few blocks North of Maple (15 Mile), right in the heart of downtown Birmingham.

Parking is available along Old Woodward or along the street but it is all metered, so be sure to bring your change along.  The park features two main structures, a few shaded tables, a variety of swings, two drinking fountains, a sandbox, an AstroTurf hill and beautiful landscaping.  There were a few garbage cans along the perimeter of the park and to my dismay, no public restrooms.

The larger play structure hosts lots of ramps and nets for climbing and running, slides, a castle tower, monkey rings, a bouncy bridge, a rock climbing wall and an arch that sprays a fine mist of water (perfect for a warm summer day).  The structure also provides plenty of shade for children (and parents) to get away from the suns rays.

The toddler section features a train theme, with smaller steps, a slide, tunnel and monkey rings.  This side of the park has a toddler swing and a large chair swing, a musical toy, a platform mountain, a sandbox and shaded table seating.

Overall, the park was very clean and well maintained.   The children were well behaved and supervised and we had a grand time.  This might be my new favorite park.

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