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Castle Playground Adventures at Booth Park – Birmingham

Booth Park in Birmingham is just off of Old Woodward. It is a few blocks North of Maple (15 Mile), right in the heart of downtown Birmingham.

You can park along Old Woodward or along the street, but it is all metered. Be sure to bring change.  You can find free parking if you are willing to walk a short distance.

The park features two main play structures. There are also a few shaded tables as well as a variety of swings. Guests can also enjoy two drinking fountains, a sandbox, and also an Astro Turf hill. Booth park also features pretty landscaping. There are a few garbage cans within the park. However, to my dismay, there are no public restrooms.

The Playground at Booth Park

The larger play structure hosts lots of ramps together with nets for climbing and running. Children can also enjoy the slides, a castle tower, and monkey rings. The structure also features a bouncy bridge, a rock-climbing wall, and an arch that sprays a fine mist of water (perfect for a warm summer day).  Finally, the structure provides plenty of shade for children (and parents) to get away from the sun’s rays.

The toddler section features a train theme, with smaller steps, a slide, a tunnel as well as monkey rings.  This side of the park has a toddler swing and a large chair swing and a musical toy. There is also a platform mountain, a sandbox, and also shaded table seating.

Finally, our favorite part of this park is the astro-turf hill. Children bring cardboard boxes and slide down the hill, similar to a sledding hill. Despite being a ton of fun, it is also very dangerous. Visitors should be very careful while walking near the hill. For this reason the city has posted signs that prohibit the use of the hill in this manner.

Booth Park also features a great green space, perfect for Frisbee, blanket picnics, ball games and more. For nature lovers, there is a beautiful trail leading south off the park.

Overall, the park was very clean and well maintained.   The children were well behaved and also supervised. Unquestionably, we had a grand time.  This might be my new favorite park.

Booth Park in Birmingham Overview:

Play Elements: A big castle structure as well as a train-themed toddler section.
Swings: two regular, a tire swing, an ADA swing in addition to two toddler swings.
Surface: wood chips, grass together with paved sidewalks.
Unique Features: zen garden as well as a sandbox.
Bathrooms:  none.
Water Fountain: yes.
Shade: minimal.
Pavilion:  no.
Picnic Tables: cafe style tables with umbrellas.
Grills: no.
Sports Fields: no.
Walking Trails: yes.
Parking: Metered street parking.
Tot Play Structure: yes.
Fenced in: no.
Seating: rocks and benches.

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Parks in Birmingham, Michigan

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  • Booth Park & Sledding Hill in Downtown Birmingham is a great playground for children with a giant castle playscape, zen garden, swings, sandbox, and astro turf hills.
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