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Blue Heron Bay Splash Park in Independence Lake County Park Photos

Blue Heron Bay Splash Park

The Blue Heron Bay Splash Park is a hidden gem we found inside the Independence Lake County Park. The immersive zero-depth aquatic play area is more than 20,000 square feet. It was the largest Splashpad complex in North America when it was built in 2013. The Splash Pad was designed to promote play for a wide variety of ages and allows for accessibly and inclusion for children of all abilities. Finally, the splash pad uses a Vortex Water Quality Management system. This system includes a UV water treatment system that is designed to kill over 99% of harmful bacteria.

Blue Heron Bay Splash Park

Blue Heron Bay Splash Park Attractions:

The Blue Heron Bay Splash Park offers several attractions to keep your children busy and cool in the summer months.

The Toddler Zone features several smaller splash elements in a separate area designed for younger children. This area has several jets in the ground as well as mushroom water sprinklers and a fun Jellyfish water sprinkler that looks like it is alive when it moves with the wind.

Toddler Splash area at Blue Heron Bay Spray Park

The Toddler Zone at Blue Heron Bay Splash Pad

splashing in the toddler zone

The main attraction is the Family Zone Tower which contains the red dumping buckets which dump 50 gallons of water on eager guests every couple of minutes. The area also features a small kitty slide which is perfect for younger children or those too afraid to go down the big slides. The Family Zone Tower contains water sprayers, interactive jets, and sprinklers too, making it perfect for children of all ages.

splash pad

The back side of the Family Zone contains spraying rings that are fun to run through in addition to a spraying dragon and smaller dumping buckets. Guests can also enjoy several floor jets and a wetlands themed splash area.

Playing in the water at Blue Heron Bay

Finally the Tween Zone features an amazing spider sprinkler that will spray from the legs to create a web when enough guests block the ground jets. This section also contains fun water cannons that kids can use to spray their friends.

Blue Heron Bay Splash Park Tween Zone

Outside of the splash park area there are two large water slides. Guests that are 42 inches or taller may ride the slides. The blue slide is faster and has a tunnel, while the green slide is open and slower.

Whitmore Lake Splash Park Water Slides

Blue Heron Bay Splash Park Amenities

The Splash Park has a lot to offer it’s guests in the way of amenities. Visitors can enjoy lunch or a snack at the picnic tables or patio tables about the area. If you forget to bring something to eat, or don’t want to worry about packing food, concessions are available too.

Restrooms and lockers at Independence Lake Park

If you have a large party, then you might want to consider renting the amazing pavilion area near the splash park. It’s the perfect space for a family gathering or birthday party.

Pavilions at Blue Heron Bay Splash Park

In the same building as the concessions guests will also find coin lockers, diaper changing stations, changing rooms, showers as well restrooms, a drinking fountain and first aid services.

Patio Tables at Independence Lake Park

Blue Heron Bay Splash Park Hours

Blue Heron Bay Hours for the Summer of 2023 are as Follows: 

Memorial Day Weekend until Labor Day:

Spray Park from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm.
Concessions from 11:00 am until 5:30 pm.

In addition to regular play, the park offers special sensory friendly hours too.

Admission Costs:

General park daily admission : $6 R / $10 NR ; Annual $ 30 R / $45 NR
Blue Heron Bay admission : $4 R / $5 NR

Independence Lake County Park

The 414 acre Independence Lake County Park is home to a beautiful beach on Independence Lake, trails and playground to explore. Guests can also rent rowboats and paddleboats near the launch site. The park also offers plenty of nature activities throughout the year. If you enjoy disc golf, you may enjoy the Red Hawk Disc Golf Course which features thirty six holes (two 18 hole courses).

Independence Lake County Park Location

Blue Heron Bay Spray Park in Independence Lake County Park
Address: 3200 Jennings Road, Whitmore Lake, MI 48189

The park is located east of M 23, near the Six Mile exit about 3 miles off of the highway.

Connect with Washtenaw County Parks and Rec

Independence Lake County Park is part of the Washtenaw County Parks system which includes almost 30 nature preserves and nine parks including Rolling Hills County Park as well as County Farm Park.

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