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Blue Cross Promotes National Sneak Zucchini on Your Neighbor’s Porch Day (Today)

National Sneak Zucchini on Your Neighbor’s Porch Day, which occurs annually on August 8, was created by Pennsylvanian farmers, Tom and Ruth Roy, to help prevent food waste by sharing excess zucchini with friends and family. This food holiday promotes healthy eating, food waste prevention and community produce sharing, all of which align with Blue Cross’ overall mission to create a healthier Michigan. This way, everyone can enjoy the natural goodness of homegrown squash in a variety of recipes.

Zucchinis are commonly one of the most bountiful plants for farmers and home gardeners alike, so it’s no surprise that growers of this fruit variety often have some to spare during harvest time each August. In fact, each plant produces six to 10 pounds of fruit on average. That’s why, National Sneak Zucchini on Your Neighbor’s Porch Day comes at the perfect time every year to provide growers with the best excuse to share their overabundance of squash.

Aside from being delicious, zucchinis offer a variety of nutrients including more potassium than a banana, high water content to support hydration, fiber for healthy digestion, vitamins A and C, manganese and folate, just to name a few.  Zucchinis are also surprisingly versatile when it comes to how they can be prepared. The fruit can be eaten a variety of ways and is easy to incorporate into almost any dish for added nutrition, especially kids’ meals.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is proud to support an initiative that not only encourages the consumption of healthy fruits, but also the sharing of fresh, seasonal crops. Watch our video for the best way to sneak zucchini on a neighbor’s porch or to find more easy recipes, like this Zucchini Pie!

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