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Let’s face it, while pregnancy can grant women glowing skin, luscious locks, and an excitement for their future family, it can also bring unwanted sleepless nights. Being 15 weeks pregnant myself, even early on, I have certainly experienced the tossing and turning from a lack of comfort at night.

This is why I was extra eager to give the Belly Rest Pregnancy Pillow a try. Created by Kerri Smith, after encountering sleepless nights herself during pregnancy, the Belly Rest Pregnancy Pillow is unlike any other on the market today. If you are struggling to get comfy and feel the support necessary for both your belly and your back the Belly Rest Pillow is the way to go.

Unlike those bulky pillows on the market that just simply may not be doing the trick, (I know for me they
weren’t.) this pregnancy pillow consists of two small pillows joined together by an adjustable fabric. Yes, adjustable! And might I add, this is my favorite feature. Instead of a one size fits all mentality, Kerri kept in mind that not all women are the same shape and because of that, each should be able to customize their comfort by adjusting the length of the joining cloth to exactly their desired size. Simply lift, resize, and attach via Velcro.

Sense debuting her clever creation, Kerri has joined forces with Fairhaven Health to continue spreading the word about her Belly Rest Pillow with the hopes of helping pregnant women across the globe receive the sleep they need.

After using the pillow religiously over the last five days here’s what I loved and what I didn’t:

What I loved:

  • Quality. What first struck me after receiving the pillow in the mail was what great quality fabric and stitching appeared. The front offers an elegant black and white pattern and the back displays a black satin fabric.
  • Bulk-less. As I mentioned above, the bulky pregnancy pillows just weren’t working for me. I love the bulk-lessness of the Belly Rest Pregnancy Pillow.
  • Adjustable. It makes me happy when I can personalize something to my specific needs, especially when comfort is involved. It was both convenient and easy to adjust the pillow’s center to my desired length.
  • Compact. As a married women, I rarely spend time sleeping other places besides my own bed, but it is nice to know should I need to, I can easily add this compact pillow to any suitcase or overnight bag. 
  • Support. Above all else, I loved that the pillow actually offered the support it advertised. With a pillow both on my back and beneath my stomach I felt a sense of comfort and support that was cradle-like.

What I didn’t:

  • Adjustment size. As a size six myself, though comfortable now, I am concerned that as my stomach continues to grow in the weeks to come that the adjustment size won’t grow with me. For my personal comfort, I am already at the largest it expands. 

Clearly you can see I have far more loves than nots when it comes to Kerri’s Belly Rest Pregnancy Pillow. It’s safe to say it was well worth the try, as my once sleepless nights aren’t so sleepless anymore… well at least until the little one arrives.

Former Preschool teacher, current professional writer, and soon to be Mommy- Samantha loves to enjoy life to the fullest every chance she gets. After spending over five years inside the classroom as a preschool teacher, Samantha now spends her days writing from home for numerous parenting and family magazines across the globe. She also writes for her personal blog, which supplies craft enthusiasts in the Oakland county area and beyond with everything they need to know about local crafts.

Samantha’s favorite hobbies include diving into a good novel, scrapbooking, sewing, going to the movies, and indulging in dessert. But that’s all going to be put on hold soon as her and her husband, Peter, are overjoyed to be welcoming their first little one this coming.

Samantha received free product in exchange for this promotional post. All opinions are here own. Your experience may differ.

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