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Avoid the New Company Serviz

In April of 2018, I was contacted by a PR firm that represents, a new company that provides handyman, plumbing, appliance repair, carpet cleaning services and more.  I recommend that you do not use them.  

After a couple of weeks of communication, we decided that they would send out a plumber to replace the wax ring on my toilet, in exchange I would write about my experience.

This job was quoted by my regular plumber as a $200 job.  I was given a $250 credit to my account and I scheduled the appointment.

I was super impressed that I was able to schedule the appointment on the same day… because my plumber is scheduling about a week out.  Bonus.

The online scheduling is super easy to use.

I loved all the email updates:

And they let you know when your Pro is on their way:

But then, it just went wrong… horribly wrong, after Linie arrived. 

Linie was a nice guy, but to be honest he didn’t instill a ton of confidence.  He was not wearing a uniform or a company shirt, he didn’t drive a company van, he didn’t have an id badge.

He actually said “Don’t worry, I know how to do this.. I have done this before.” Wait… what?  I wasn’t worried until you said that.

He inspected the toilet, went down to the basement, looked at it from below.  Yup, it is the wax ring.

Then he went out to his car and called someone.  That call took about 7 minutes or so, then he came back inside and told me the repair would be $485.

Item #2091 remove toilet wax ring, replace with new.

I explained that the PR rep said the entire cost would be covered.  Linie said I had a $250 credit, which brought the bill down to $235. 

To which I replied “Why would I pay $235 when my regular plumber will do this for $200, and I don’t have to do any extra work (because I have to write a feature article) …?  That doesn’t make any sense?”
He asks, “Who is your plumber?” and I reply… and this doesn’t change the price.  Even though they have a price match policy…
There was a lot of back and forth, I was livid… and trying to be nice.  Finally, I just declined the service. 

Replacing the whole toilet starts at $199.
And the wax ring and caulking is well under $20 at Home Depot.
Linie said this would be a 1-hour job.

So many things are still going through my head.
I’m still angry.
1. Did they jack up the price, just for me… just to scam me?
2. If not, is that really the regular price… ? If so, WOW!

I emailed the PR firm:

I just wanted to let you know that I decided NOT to go with your company for the repair.
I am actually beside myself right now.
I have a regular plumber who quoted this job at $200.
The part needed (wax ring) is no more than $20, plus a bit of caulking… $5.
and 1 hour of work.. which you said $250 covered 3 hours… but let’s just say $85.
So… this job is a $110 job…
Even if you have a minimum fee… replacing a whole toilet is $199. 

And your “professional” quotes me $485.
Again.. completely beside myself. I am just baffled as to how you can ask me to review your service and attempt to fleece me in the same breath

This was followed up by a phone call.  I’m not sure if someone from Serviz or the PR firm called.

The person on the phone apologized, Linie is new and didn’t understand the billing policies.
To which I respond: how does a professional plumber NOT understand that replacing a wax ring shouldn’t cost $485?
She responded that he needs more training.

Regardless, my trust is broken… and they didn’t offer to make it right, but they did send a new estimate:

Which also looks a bit fishy… Plumbing Diagnostic?  2? What?

So many questions… no answers.

Linie is new, he doesn’t understand.  Okay… but no one explained the hourly rates?  Does he really think that a wax ring (no more than $20) plus one hour of work is $485?  And that doesn’t seem odd to him? Especially after I told him that my plumber would do the job for $200, and the PR firm said the job would be covered.  I even showed him the email.
How is one a professional plumber without critical thinking and problem-solving skills?
I certainly don’t trust this company…. because either this is the price, they were trying to scam me, or they sent me a professional plumber who can’t think on his own.

And, in case anyone wants to know.. changing the wax ring is rather easy.  My mom and I completed the task last Friday.  It took about 90 minutes and two wax rings (which you can stack).
The hardest part is setting the toilet back on the rings perfectly.
Total cost under $20.
Thanks YouTube!  

Amber Louchart
Author: Amber Louchart

Amber is the proud mother to four beautiful children, Damian (27), Rosaleigh (14), Carlyn (11), and Naomi (8). Her family also includes four cats. She loves being a stay-at-home mom and feels blessed to be able to care for her children full-time and provide them with so many opportunities through Metro Detroit Mommy. In addition to Metro Detroit Mommy, Amber has a passion for hosting karaoke with Malibu Entertainment.  She enjoys the metro Detroit nightlife especially, singing, dancing and meeting new people.