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Aqua-Aerobics Drop In Classes

Aqua-Aerobics (aka water aerobics) is a great way to exercise. If you struggle with regular workouts or find them boring, aqua-aerobics might be the perfect fit for you.  Aqua-aerobics relieves pressure on joints and allows participants to exercise without the fear of falling.  It allows movement without the physical stress of a typical land workout.  Standing in a shallow pool of water (about to your waist) provides both resistance and buoyancy, maximizing your workout by allowing you to work two opposing muscle groups simultaneously.  Finally, aqua-aerobics offers the benefits of both strength training and cardio workouts in one routine.

Aqua-Aerobics is a great low impact water exercise for adults.  The benefits of aqua aerobics can include lower blood pressure, stronger muscles, corrected body posture, increased bone density, pain relief,  and weight loss. The calming effect of the warm water on your body can have a positive effect on your mind as well.  Aqua-aerobics is ideal for those that are injured, overweight or elderly.

Aqua-Tots Swim Schools of Michigan offers fun and effective aqua-aerobics classes at their Auburn Hills (248-537-4005) and Sterling Heights (586-844-3633) locations. In addition to aqua-aerobics, the Sterling Heights location also offers arthritis exercise classes. The classes are just $7 each and are taught by certified instructors.

Monday morning classes are held at both the Auburn Hills and Sterling Heights Aqua-Tots locations.   Aqua-Tots in Sterling Heights also offers classes on Thursday mornings.