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AMPed Education: Individualized, Inclusive, Innovative

AMPed Hybrid Academy, Farmington Hills, Mi

AMPed Education’s goal is to help the kids of today become the bridge-builders and world-changers of tomorrow.  With programming for toddlers all the way through adults, they know that learning never has to stop.  Founded by a special education teacher and her husband, AMPed Education was born when it became clear that the resources Anne Marie wished were available to her students were not.  Anne Marie and Wes have 5 children ranging from 2-13 years old, including kids with special needs.  They know the challenges of being working parents and of finding programming that all their children can enjoy.  This experience is baked into every program and class AMPed offers.  In addition, AMPed strives to be an inclusive and welcoming place for children and families of all kinds.  

Studies have shown that Project Based Learning increases student engagement by 90%.Bergeron, 2021

Student Centered Learning

The AMPed Hybrid Academy is an innovative private school for kids in kindergarten through eighth grade with tiny, mixed age classes, Project Based Learning, and a Personalized Education Plan for every student.  Known as a microschool, AHA caters to families who value custom education. Surrounded by nature, their Farmington Hills Campus feels homie and personal, but with all the amenities you’d hope for in a private school, including a sensory room.  With each child on their own learning journey, they can support those who may not have been successful in traditional school due to a variety of reasons.  Students with special needs are welcome and included to the greatest extent of their ability and interest.  

At AMPed, the “hybrid” doesn’t mean virtual.  Instead, it means that students spend 2-3 days per week at home with a few hours a day spent on the custom assignments their teacher gave them to work on.  When AMPed students need help, their teacher is just a FaceTime call away on their provided iPad. When students’ education is customized to them and they’re highly engaged, as they are at AHA, they get more out of every hour of instruction than in traditional settings. Studies have shown that project based learning increases student engagement by 90% (Bergeron, 2021)

AMPed Explorers: Co-Working & Learning

The AMPed Explorers program in Farmington Hills is one of the first of its kind in Metro Detroit.  Children ages 2-5 spend two mornings a week learning and exploring with their teacher in the areas of early literacy, stem, social emotional learning, and lots more.  Snacks and even a real book to take home are included every week. The coolest part? Their parents are welcome to participate in class OR sneak down the hall to the parents lounge where they can work, relax, or just enjoy some free coffee while it’s still hot.  AMPed is dedicated to serving families, not just children.  They know that downtime for parents is vital to their well-being and helps them to be their best. 

“When I was a single mom, I would have loved a place that I could focus on work, knowing my kids were happy and safe nearby.  That is why the co-working component of AMPed Explorers is so important to me.” Anne Marie Palazzolo, AMPed Education Founder

The Parents Lounge in Farmington Hills allow adults to work, relax, and connect while their child is busy learning.

Enrichment for the whole family

AMPed also offers enrichment classes for all ages in a variety of subjects, available either online or at their Farmington Hills campus.  In addition, they offer 1:1 tutoring and educational consulting.  The comfortable and quiet parent lounge lets adults work or relax while their children are busy learning and having fun.  There are even classes for adults with childcare included!  

Virtual art classes with all supplies included.

Special Announcement!

Metro Detroit Mommy is excited to be the first to announce the latest addition to AMPed Education!  The AMPed Learning Center, coming soon to Troy, MI. will offer drop in free play in a research-based educational play-space, a cafe full of coffee and healthy snacks, birthday parties, enrichment classes, and best of all, co-working for parents with child-watch included!  They’re slated to open this winter so sign up on their website to be notified when programming begins. 

What parents are saying…

AMPed Education is dedicated to helping their students become life-long learners.  They do this with hands-on, authentic learning in a variety of formats. You can schedule a tour, zoom with their founder and director, Anne Marie, or come for a free family event to learn more. has all the info you need to get started.

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Anne Marie Palazzolo
Author: Anne Marie Palazzolo

Anne Marie Palazzolo is a special education teacher, parent, and founder of AMPed Education, AMPed Hybrid Academy, and AMPed Learning Centers.  She is passionate about advocating for inclusive, quality education for all students.  She loves iced coffee, documentaries, yoga, and buying too many notebooks. Anne Marie, her husband Wes, and their 5 children live in Oakland County Michigan.