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Agora Arts – Safe & Fun Aerial Play

We received free admission to Agora Arts in exchange for this review, but the thoughts are my own!

My 10 year old daughter loves climbing.  Trees, fences, rock walls, she loves it all.   I’m always looking for ways to encourage my kids to play in fun and different ways, and since my daughter isn’t in to singing or dancing the options can be limited.  When we found out that there’s a place locally where she can climb silks and learn trapeze we were all over it!

The instructor and one of the owners, Elizabeth, was kind and playful with our little group but took safety seriously.  She encouraged the kids to listen to their bodies about what they were capable of doing that day while also applauding their efforts to push their limits.  At only her first class my daughter learned how to climb the silks and how to gracefully fall within a hammock (which I was pretty impressed with, I won’t lie).

We’re doing drop in classes for now to see if it holds her interest but it seems like she’s in it for the long haul, so she may even perform in one of their shows!  Agora Arts has classes for kids ages 1-14 and also offers workshops and private lessons for adults, too.  Plus they offer a summer camp, so if you’re looking for something to keep your kids busy that doesn’t involve bugs or water, here’s your chance.

Agora Arts is located at 648 East 9 Mile Road (east of Hilton) in Ferndale, MI.  You can find them on Facebook and receive updates that way or just call to inquire about classes for yourself and your kids!