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Adorable Homemade Candy Cane Wreath

I love making crafts even though some of them are epic fails. I always want to jump up and down when they turn out. Today, I made a super easy and cheap candy cane wreath. Feel free to add your creativity to this fun project.

Adorable Homemade Candy Cane Wreath


Two boxes of candy canes
hot glue gun
an ornament or bow for the center
ribbon to hang


1. Take two candy canes and make a heart shape. Use the glue gun to glue together the candy canes where they touch. I decided to keep the wrapping on my candy canes, but you can remove the paper if you choose.
2. Continue gluing candy canes until you close the circle. I think I used 24, but you may use 20.
3. Once you finish double check that all of the candy canes are glued securely.

4. Using your hot glue gun attach your bow or ornament in the center.

5. Use ribbon or velvet to hang the candy cane wreath. I used deco mesh, but I probably will be switching the fabric because it was too bulky.

Let me know how your candy cane wreath turns out. I used Sweetheart candy canes because I wanted something a little different. Happy crafting!

Amber Louchart
Author: Amber Louchart

Amber is the proud mother to four beautiful children, Damian (27), Rosaleigh (14), Carlyn (11), and Naomi (8). Her family also includes four cats. She loves being a stay-at-home mom and feels blessed to be able to care for her children full-time and provide them with so many opportunities through Metro Detroit Mommy. In addition to Metro Detroit Mommy, Amber has a passion for hosting karaoke with Malibu Entertainment.  She enjoys the metro Detroit nightlife especially, singing, dancing and meeting new people.