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A Kiss Means I Love You – Review and Giveaway

“A Kiss Means I Love You” is a wonderful heartwarming story about the way we communicate without speaking.  Filled with wondrous close up images of children participating in a variety of actions like clapping, kissing, yawning and many more, it is great for teaching children about emotion and action.

This is a fantastic book for children up to about the age of 5 and perfect for the toddler age.  The text is easy to read and has a great poetic rhythm.  The large images and short passages on each page are sure to capture the attention  of your little one.

“A Kiss Means I Love You” would make a great addition to your personal library or in a early childhood classroom.  

This is now one of Rosa’s favorite books.  We have read it several nights in a row as part of our bedtime ritual.  It has also captured the attention of our six month old, Carlyn.

Some learning extension ideas for this book:

  • Have the children act out each page – blowing kisses in a classroom setting
  • Create a feelings chart and have the children tell you how they are feeling
  • Before reading the book, talk about different ways you can tell how someone is feeling, write down the comments and see how many are in the book.
  • Get a magazine with images of children in them.  Have the children cut out the pictures and glue them on a sheet of paper for a collage.
  • Obtain a magazine with images of children (like American Baby), have the children cut out the images of the children and sort them based on feelings. 

Get more ideas to use with this book from The Activity Idea Place: Feelings

You can buy a copy of “A Kiss Means I Love You” from, The Book Beat in Oak Park (and other local bookstores), visit their website or enter to win an autographed copy of your own from Metro Detroit Mommy.

Disclaimer: I received a free autographed copy of this book in exchange for this post.  My opinions are are my own.  Your experience may differ.