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A Bird Feeding Delight at Kensington Metropark

Calling all bird enthusiasts and families seeking a unique outdoor experience! Kensington Metropark in Milford, Michigan, offers a magical opportunity to connect with nature in a way that will leave your little ones wide-eyed and delighted. Bird feeding at Kensington goes beyond the ordinary – imagine having feathered friends eating right out of your hand! Here’s your guide to this enchanting avian adventure, perfect for families.

Feeding the Birds

Kensington provides a heartwarming chance for parents and children alike to connect with nature on a personal level. The nature trails around the Nature Center are the perfect place for feeding the birds. Visitors can purchase bird seed right on-site or bring their own. In the wintertime, when food sources can be scarce for our feathered friends, this activity becomes particularly rewarding.

Eating Out of Your Hand

The highlight of the experience is the chance to have birds eat right from your hand. Picture your child’s face lighting up as chickadees, nuthatches, and other friendly species perch on their outstretched hand. It’s a bonding moment with nature that will be etched in your family’s memory.

What to Bring

For the best bird-feeding experience, consider bringing your own bird seed. Sunflower seeds, peanuts, and millet are favorites among the feathered residents of Kensington. Don’t forget to dress warmly, especially during the winter months, as you might find yourself spending more time than anticipated in this feathered paradise.

Note of Caution

While the majority of birds are friendly and approachable, it’s crucial to adhere to the park’s guidelines. Please refrain from feeding or approaching the cranes as they have their own natural feeding habits and may find human interaction distressing.

Educational Aspect

Beyond the pure joy of feeding the birds, this activity offers an excellent opportunity for parents to educate their children about local bird species, their habitats, and the importance of responsible bird feeding. It’s a lesson in empathy and environmental stewardship that goes beyond the classroom. Also, be sure to check out the Farm Center, just down the road.

Practical Information:

  • Location: Kensington Metropark, 4570 Huron River Pkwy, Milford, MI 48380
  • Best Time: Winter months for an up-close experience
  • Bring: Bird seed, warm clothing, and a sense of wonder
  • Park Hours: 6:00am – 10:00pm
  • Cost: $10 Daily Pass or you can buy a yearly pass for $35 (useable at all Huron-Clinton Metroparks)

For families looking to infuse a bit of magic into their outdoor adventures, Kensington Metropark’s bird-feeding experience is a must-try. It’s a delightful activity that combines nature, education, and moments of pure joy. So, pack your bird seed, bundle up, and head to Kensington Metropark for an unforgettable feathered encounter with your loved ones. Happy bird watching!

For more information, visit Kensington Metropark’s website.

Julie McKeeman
Author: Julie McKeeman

Julie is first and foremost a mom of two amazing kiddos, Elliott and Bennett. She is an elementary school librarian whose passion is to create safe spaces for all children.