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6 Tips For Keeping Your Infant Healthy In Uncertain Times


Once you bring an infant into your home, your primary concern is keeping them healthy. The first few months can be both exhausting and exhilarating. From learning your kid’s moods to understanding their feeding needs and bonding with them, it can all be overwhelming. What can you do to protect them from bacteria and germs that most newborns are prone to? Here are a few tips on how to keep your kid healthy.

1. Breastfeed Your Child as Required

The World Health Organization says that mothers should breastfeed their kids exclusively for the first six months before they introduce them to other meals. Breast milk supports your kid’s health by boosting their immunity. Breastfeed your child using the right positions that don’t strain either of you. Understandably, you may have a few challenges with breastfeeding, such as clogged ducts. One of the ways to overcome this challenge is by taking the right medication. If you are suffering from recurrent blocked ducts, take 4800mg of lecithin daily. It will help unclog the ducts. Also, understand that breastfeeding is not the only option. You can substitute baby milk formulas, as long as you have spoken to your doctor first.

2. Dress Your Newborn Appropriately

Keep your baby warm by dressing them in the right clothes. Be careful not to overdress your child in too many layers. They will become hot and sweaty, leading to dehydration. That line between keeping the child warm and ensuring they are not too hot can be confusing. Speak to your pediatrician or a medical health care provider about the appropriate layers to dress your child in, depending on different temperatures.

3. Children With Hearing Loss Need Additional Help

If your child has been born with a hearing impairment, you must put in extra effort to keep them healthy. It may feel scary, but you are not alone. In the US, about 2-3 kids in every 1,000 are born with a noticeable level of hearing loss, either in one or both ears. While raising a child with impaired hearing may present certain challenges, there are steps you can take to make it easier on both of you. For instance, ensure your kid uses cochlear implants or hearing aids as much as possible. These devices should be kept on and in good shape at all times. This will help your child develop good communication skills.

4. Encourage Other Family Members to Practice Healthy Hygiene Practices

If other family members practice good hygiene, they reduce the child’s exposure to germs. For instance, insist the older kids wash their hands before holding the child. They should also cover sneezes and coughs and dispose of tissue correctly after blowing the nose. These basic hygiene practices will go a long way in contributing to the child’s health.

5. Keep Your Child Hydrated

Stay alert when it comes to your child’s hydration levels. Hydration supports your child’s immunity. Before they get to six months, breast milk and instant formula will help keep them hydrated. But once they get to six months, you can introduce them to water. Be careful of the quality of water you are giving your child. More than 15 million households in the US depend on private household wells for their drinking water needs. The only challenge is that private wells are not regulated by the Safe Drinking Water Act. Before you introduce your child to such water, ensure it is safe.

6. Attend Your Child’s Wellness Visits

After delivering your child, you will have clinical visits for a particular period. These visits allow your kid to receive certain vaccination shots. It also allows the doctor to examine them and ensures they’re in good health. These visits are also your chance to raise any concerns regarding your kid’s health.

These are just some of the tips that can help keep your child healthy. During the first few years, you may have to monitor your child like a hawk. Keeping your kid safe and cared for is a necessary step to ensure they are thriving.

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Author: Kelsey R.

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