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5 Things to Remember When Buying Your First Family Home

Buying your first family home creates a feeling that’s hard to match, with the excitement of becoming a homeowner mixed with possible anxiety and more. All of this is understandable as moving to your own home is a big step to take. To make the process a bit more straightforward for you, have a look below at five things you need to keep in mind to make sure you enjoy your purchase.

Keep Resale Value in Mind

Your first home is possible your first big investment, and so you should treat it as such. Have a good look at the details of the house itself, the design, and the neighborhood that it is in. These and more factors will help you find out if it will have a good enough resale value if you decide to sell. While you may feel like you will settle for eternity right now, life happens and you change jobs, children grow up and switch schools, and so on. All of these could make you need to sell, so make sure right now that you won’t be tied down to the house when you no longer want to live there because it has a low resale value. Note that mobile homes save more than 40% on housing costs, so this is an option you may consider if it meets your current needs.

Consider the Commute

When looking for a new house, think about commuting to work for both you and your spouse. Try to find a house within a reasonable radius of both of your workplaces so that your lives after you move will be improved and not negatively affected. Moving may help you get closer to where you work, or make it more convenient to use a variety of methods to get to work, like riding your bicycle or even walking.

Pay Attention to the Roof

The roof of a house plays a major role. It keeps the contents and occupants of the house protected from the weather and improves the aesthetics of the house in general. When looking for a house to buy, make sure to properly inspect the roofs of your final options. This is because almost one in every four homeowners admits that they only ever inspect their roof if there is a problem. While the seller may not even be aware of any issues, you don’t want to take the chance that you may have to replace the roof shortly after moving because it’s not in good condition.

Set Your Budget

Set a budget and stick to it, only deviating upwards from it a little bit if there’s good reason to do so. This will help you make a purchase that does not leave your finances in shambles or leave you feeling like you got a raw deal for one reason or another. Come up with a list of what you feel you need in your new house and circle whatever you feel you cannot do without as this is what matters most.

Use a Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent can help you on your home-buying journey a lot because they have a lot of experience with selling and buying houses. They will know what to look out for as well as the best people to deal with and so they can help you get a great deal. With 50% of the transactions made between a buyer and seller falling apart at the point of doing due diligence and end up not closing, you can avoid this by working with a reputable real estate agent.

Follow the five tips outlined above and you may be surprised at how easy it will be to find a house and move in. The research part is most important, so give it enough time as rushing will often see you making a decision you don’t enjoy for long.

Kelsey R.
Author: Kelsey R.

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