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5 Lesser-Known Michigan Lakes, Perfect for Summertime Fun

One of the best things to do during a Michigan summer is to head out to your favorite lake and relax on the shore, ride around in a boat or cool off with a swim. So which watering hole should you head to? Don’t just consider the more famous ones like Torch Lake, Lake Fenton and Lake Michigan (the third-largest of the Great Lakes). There are actually lots of lesser-known options that have all the fun without the crowds. Here are five under-the-radar lakes from the UP to the thumb where you can spend a day of boating, paddle-boarding or kayaking:

  1. Spider Lake – Traverse City
    About 20 minutes south of Traverse City, Spider Lake is a great escape from the crowds that often fill the northern town. It has 450 acres of water, so it’s big enough for boating, and the shores are ideal for sunbathing.
  2. Big Star Lake – Baldwin
    With RV parks and campgrounds conveniently located along the coastline, Big Star Lake is perfect for an outdoor family getaway. And the little towns around the lake often have fun events going on, like boating parades and fishing competitions.
  3. Lac La Belle Lake – Keweenaw County
    For explorers looking for a more secluded experience, Lac La Belle in the Upper Peninsula is perfect. It’s a long drive there, but totally worth it for the beautiful view. Lac La Belle is also conveniently located near beautiful hiking trails for adventure seekers.
  4. Crystal Lake – Benzie County
    Though Crystal Lake is one of Michigan’s largest lakes, it somehow avoids becoming overrun with tourists. Crystal Lake happens to be a short drive from Stormcloud Brewing Company in Frankfort, so you can quench your thirst at the end of the day with locally brewed beer.
  5. Higgins Lake – Roscommon
    A shorter drive for people living near Detroit, Higgins Lake is surrounded by two state parks, including South Higgins State Park. Higgins Lake is a great spot for fisherman of all skill levels thanks to its clear water full of perch, trout and pike.

Have a favorite Michigan lake we didn’t mention? Share in the comments!

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