5 Health Hacks No One Told You About

Health is an important part of our lives. Eating before 8 PM and exercising for 45 minutes on a daily basis may not be the only tips you need in life. Your life becomes easier when you see results. Not only are you happy with the overall positivity in life, but also get encouraged to continue following a set routine.

Health requires a constant sustenance in order to feel better about oneself. In order to feel happy, positive and productive throughout the day, here are a few life hacks every woman must know and follow:

1. Therapy During Sleep

It may sound strange but there are number of ways to feel therapeutic while sleeping. Selecting your pillow is one of them. There are a variety of pillows to choose from to feel therapeutic. These include slim pillows, comfy pillows, tapered pillows, water pillows and more. By far, water pillows have been most successful in offering comfort and leisure during sleep. Water pillows carry a therapeutic comfort because of their adjustment according to your need.

If you’re looking to buy a comfy water pillow, here are some options for you: https://vjpillow.com/best-water-reviews/

2. Warm Water for Health

While everyone avoids drinking fizzy, cold drinks; sometimes cold water is the real enemy. Cold water has a tendency to impact the joints directly. The body is unable to absorb its temperature and cannot resist getting negatively impacted by it. Having warm water helps stimulate the bladder, increase metabolism and avoids indigestion.

If you have a glass of warm water early in the morning, you will notice your tummy tucking in and your metabolism rate increasing. Add a few drops of lemon and cardamom and you have yourself a detox drink!

3. Water Only When Necessary

There is constant debate on how much water one should drink to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. The answer is, as much as one needs. This is a science myth that drinking more water leads to improved metabolism and skin. The only reason you might feel an increase in metabolism would be because of visiting the bathroom so many times.

For every individual, there is a different expectation of water level from the body. For athletes, that expectation is much more than that for a common man. Who’s to decide if an athlete or a pregnant woman should drink more water?

4. Detox After Exercising

There is much debate on how much a person should exercise on a daily basis. On average, researchers have agreed that a minimum of 30-45 minutes are sufficient for people with a moderately active lifestyle. But one thing no one talks about is bloating during exercise. Conventional exercises such as crunches, jumping jacks and burpees may lead to bloating instead of flattening of the stomach. The reason is lessening of water retention and increase in demand for oxygen consumption in the body.

In order to combat bloating, it is advised to consume detox water or tea and avoid sugary products. A healthy lifestyle and diet will compliment the exercising routine immensely.

5. It’s What You Eat

With the ongoing madness for staying fit, one thing trainers leave out is the capacity of exercise to make you lose weight and stay active. According to research, exercise plays only 30% of a role in maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle. The rest is all based on diet. What you eat is most significant factor in determining your health and productivity.

Eating a good portion of fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy promise a physique similar to your favorite celebrities round the corner!

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