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5 Easy Dishes & Desserts to Bring to a Holiday Party

No matter your views towards holiday parties, joining them with your loved ones brings incredible joy to your heart and soul. But when you are giving it your all to celebrate the occasion at hand, choosing the right treats to take to the party can be quite difficult. table, restaurant, love, evening, decoration, meal, food, holiday, christmas, eat, decor, eating, family, lovely, holidays, dinner, xmas, setting, supper, brunch, sense, rehearsal dinner, Free Images In PxHere

Some dishes may not seem good enough, while others may seem too heavy. A few might stand out as being over the top, while others might burn a hole in your pocket.

But among these tricky choices, you can still find some suitable options that fit all your requirements. To help you find the ideal treats, here are 5 easy dishes and desserts to bring to a holiday party.

Regardless of age groups and cuisine preferences, cookies stand tall in terms of being one of the most popular desserts for holiday parties. From making a red velvet cookie recipe to buying a chocolate chip cookie box, everyone flocks towards these delicious treats to get some warmth during the chilly holiday season.

But unless you are setting up the stage for Santa, bringing a plate of cookies to a party isn’t really as grand of a gesture as you may want to make. That’s where a giant cookie cake comes in. With these mouthwatering and oversized crumbly treats, your contribution to the party can hold everyone’s attention.

Make a Pistachio Cranberry Bark

If you want to veer off the course of tradition, try the pistachio cranberry bark recipe instead. This delicious offering can be found in a Christmas recipe book and remains quite easy to prepare. Since the ingredients have the holiday warmth within them, the blend of flavors spells out celebration in bold letters.

You may already have the main ingredients at your home during the holiday season. But in case you don’t, you can easily get them through a quick grocery run. This ready availability makes sure that you don’t have to move mountains in order to put together this amazing dessert all by yourself. 

Chocolate Mint Snowball Treats

As another one of the greatest hits around the holidays, dishes with chocolate as the main ingredient have high chances to succeed at a party. This recipe for chocolate mint snowball treats makes way for yet another easy yet scrumptious dish that you can easily whip up all by yourself. These treats can also be found at select stores, so you can keep your eye out for them.

Apart from their taste, these treats are all about presentation. That is why you should look into a holiday pastry box that could hold these wonderful snowballs within them. This adds an amazing layer of detail to your contribution.

Apple Butterscotch Brownies

While everyone plays it safe to the point of being boring, you can continue with your streak of putting a delicious spin on popular dishes. With this in mind, you can try this apple butterscotch brownie recipe that adds a bit of fruit and a hint of richness to an otherwise typical brownie.

Once again, how you take these brownies to the holiday party makes a lot of difference. That is why you shouldn’t just chuck them into a plastic box and call it a day. Instead, invest in a Christmas tree favor box that could fit these treats right along its triangle shape. Just make sure to cut the brownies in a way that makes this possible without any difficulties.

Pigs in a Blanket Wreath

We have all heard, tasted, and even loved pigs in a blanket all our lives. When it comes to the holiday season, these rich and meaty appetizers can help you stand out from the crowd for all the right reasons. You can get them frozen from a store or make them from scratch.

In terms of presentation, look into making a pigs in a blanket wreath. This only calls for you to arrange these appetizers in a circular shape, with a ramekin of ketchup in the center and some green garnish all around them. This brings about an unmistakable holiday feel to this classic party food.

As long as the recipe is right, these holiday treats can appeal to party hosts and guests alike. If you want to leave no stones unturned, you can get these dishes from a store for your own convenience as well as the assurance of quality taste.

Amber Louchart
Author: Amber Louchart

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