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4 Tips for Beginner Travelers

If you’ve never been much of an explorer, it can be intimidating to figure out how to break into the travel lifestyle. Even if you have traveled, traveling with kids can make you feel like a beginning traveler all over again. Whether you’re brand new to traveling or you’re just a little rusty, here are our 4 tips to take an awesome trip as a beginning traveler.

Pick the place that’s right for you

When planning your first trip, it can be tempting to travel to a big, glamorous tourist destination. These are places that your friends have gone to before or that you might have seen on numerous travel blogs. They look beautiful on social media and might seem like a dream spot to travel to. However, the secret to a great vacation is finding a destination that works for you. Because every family is unique and has their own interests and needs, the same vacation that relaxes your friends might stress you out and vice versa. To help narrow down your options, try to answer the following questions.

Why do you want to travel? This seems like a big question, but it’s actually very simple. What are you hoping to get out of your vacation? Are you hoping for peaceful relaxation or non-stop entertainment? Are you hoping to reconnect with nature or explore a new city? Decide what you’re looking for and then go from there.

What does your family need to be comfortable and happy? When planning a family vacation, you want to take into consideration all the people that you’re traveling with. If you have little ones, look for family-friendly destinations where they can feel included in the fun. This will make all of you happier in the long run, because they’ll stay active and you won’t have to entertain them the entire time.

What is your budget? This is perhaps the least fun aspect of the vacation planning, but it’s an important one. Knowing how much you can comfortably spend before you travel will help you make smart decisions while planning. This is especially true for large families where small, unchecked expenses can really add up. Plus, when you know you’re traveling within your budget, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your time more fully.

Now that you’ve decided on a location, here are some other general tips that will help your vacation go smoothly.

Double-check travel guidelines

Although more places are opening up each week, COVID-19 is still likely to have an influence on any trip you take this year. Do yourself a favor and investigate the travel restrictions of your airline, hotel, and destination to know exactly what you need to safely enjoy your trip.

Parents: Pack more than you need

Moms, you know how your toddler or baby somehow manages to get dirty in the most inconvenient circumstances? Take it from someone more experienced: This will happen when you travel. Food gets spilled, diapers leak, and cute hats will get lost or fall out of strollers. To protect yourself and your toddler from a meltdown, pack more of everything than you would at home.

Save with great deals

Generally, when you travel, the cost of transport and lodgings are the most expensive parts of the trip. Luckily, frequent flyers know that you can find great deals on flights and hotels almost anywhere you go. Feeling adventurous? Let the deals plan your trip for you! If you look and see that flights to Dallas are cheap, take the leap and make Texas your destination. You’ll probably have a blast; at the very least, it will be an awesome story.

Being a beginning traveler does not mean that you can’t have an incredible vacation this year. Follow these tips and get started on your next great adventure!