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4 Flower-Filled Crafts Your Family Can Make Together

With the holidays around the corner and more time being spent at home, there are several ways to pass the time. Whether your kids enjoy sledding at your local park, going hiking in the woods behind your house, or building a snowman, there are many activities to burn some energy outside. However, when it comes to being inside for hours on end if the weather is too cold to go outside, you may find yourself wondering how to keep your kids busy in a healthy way. Aside from doing puzzles, watching movies, and making Christmas cookies, there are many crafts you and your family can tackle together while spending time inside. Here are four flower-filled craft ideas to get you and your kids started.

Flower Bookmarks

Crafts can be kept and enjoyed by your family, or they can be gifted. If you go in making a craft with your kids knowing it’ll be a gift for someone, your children will have all the more reason to work hard on it. With this being said, the first craft idea your family can try is making flower bookmarks. This would make a wonderful gift. Almost 86% of people say receiving flowers makes them feel special, and while a flower bookmark may be a different way of receiving the flowers, it’s a unique, handmade gift that can bring a smile to a grandparent, aunt, uncle, or cousin’s face.

To get started, you will need to purchase dried, flat flowers as well as bookmark-size plastic coverings. You can find these items online. Be sure you have a hot glue gun handy as well as glitter and sturdy paper in different colors or patterns. Once you have all of your materials, get started on making your bookmarks. Cut out the paper to be the size of a bookmark. If your kids are young, be sure to use the hot glue gun yourself, perhaps using the opportunity to teach them how to use it without burning anything or anyone. Next, cover your piece of paper with some glitter. Hot glue the little flowers on it. After one side is completely dry, do the other side, too. Be sure to let the entire project dry before placing the bookmark in the plastic cover. Punch a hole at the top of the bookmark and use a string or ribbon to tie to the top. Wa-la! All done. This project is thoughtful, and your kids will love how it looks in the end. Gift it or make extras for your kids to use in their own books.

Handmade Christmas Cards

If you typically send out Christmas cards with pictures and a “Happy New Year!” or “Merry Christmas!” slogan across it, perhaps it’s time to change it up this year by creating handmade cards with your children. Go through your pictures online and find a few recent ones. Research shows that internet users do not read websites thoroughly. In fact, most of the time people skim them. With this in mind, be sure to look hard for fun pictures that capture the spirit of your family. Perhaps your kids can help you pick these out.

After you’ve picked out a few pictures, create a collage of the pictures online and be sure it’ll print with a thick white border outlining it – perhaps two inches of space for decorating purposes. Once you’re sure you like how it looks, get the proper amount printed to send out to family and friends. Next, utilize glitter, holiday-themed stickers, and red, green, and yellow mini fake flowers or dried, flat flowers, which you can find online. You may need the hot glue gun for this project to be sure that the flowers stick properly. After you’re done decorating the cards, have everyone in your family sign their name on the back of the card, and be sure to write the year on the front or the back of the card, too. Make sure to keep one or two for yourself, perhaps to hang on the fridge or keep in a memory box. Once they’re dry, mail the cards out. Your family and friends will find these handmade Christmas cards to be adorable and crafty.

Decorated Letters for Your Kids’ School Area

If your kids are doing school from home or partly from home, you may need to spruce up the area where they learn. Perhaps you have a room dedicated to school, but the walls are bare. Here’s your opportunity to create a decoration that will also help your children stay organized during school hours. Flower letters are a great way to designate each child’s schoolwork and schedule.

First, you’ll need to purchase fake flowers from a craft store or online. Then, you’ll need to either buy metal letters or buy a material, such as cardboard, that you can turn into a decent-sized letter. The size may depend on how space you have on the walls of your kids’ school area. Then, cut the stems off of the fake flowers. Have your children arrange the flowers onto the letter as they like. They may choose to do a variety of flowers and colors, or they may choose to have one color throughout their craft. You’re going to need the hot glue gun for this craft, too. Once the flowers have been glued on and the project has dried, hang up the letters with nails or heavy-duty Command strips. Underneath each child’s letter, hang their calendar, school schedule, and perhaps a whiteboard where they can write notes. Not only will this craft spice up your kids’ school area, but seeing their beautiful flower letter creations will get them excited to get started on schoolwork each day.

Paint Vases

A final flower-themed project your kids will love is painting vases. You can find a variety of cheap vases at a second-hand store, thrift shop, or craft store. Be sure you have quality paint, perhaps acrylic, as well as small paint brushes that will allow more detailed work. Set up a newspaper-covered table for your kids to get started. Perhaps pull out the glitter or some cute stickers to add to their vases. You may consider pulling up some ideas on your computer for your kids to follow, too. Once your kids’ masterpieces are done, stick some fake flowers inside of the vases. Put them atop your fireplace, on windowsills, or have your kids put them in their rooms.

With all of these crafts, perhaps your kids will find themselves loving art. Maybe they’ll find themselves to be one of the 582 million entrepreneurs worldwide someday! Either way, getting crafty is a fun way to pass the time this winter, and your kids will certainly love exploring their creativity and showing off their artistic abilities. Purchase the necessary materials and get started on some flower-filled crafts with your kids today!

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