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2021: New Playground at Hartsig Park in Warren

Oscar Hartsig park in Warren is home to a brand new playground built in 2020. If you are in the area, then check out this new neighborhood park playground located on Warren’s west side.

2021: New Playground at Hartsig Park in Warren

The Playground
Other Park Amenities
Location and Hours
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Other Parks in Warren, Michigan

Warren Hartsig Park sign

The Playground at Hartsig Park in Warren

Children of all ages will enjoy the brand new play structure at Hartsig Park in Warren. The playground features a two story twisted slide, and also several climbing structures. It is a relatively small structure, however the new design brings some newer elements. The park is home to several swings as well as a merry go round. The swings include four traditional swings, two baby bucket swings and also a newer style, a generation swing seat. The generation swing seat allows for a infant or toddler to sit on one side while facing an older child or an adult on the other seat. We love this new interactive element that allows adults to join in on the playground fun.

The merry-go-round is amazing. This brand new revolution inclusive spinner from Little Tykes is built for children (and also adults) of all ages, sizes, abilities and fitness levels. Users can sit or stand, and there is also space for adults to climb on and enjoy the fun!

Other Park Amenities

In addition to the brand new playground area, Hartsig park hosts a gorgeous pavilion with picnic tables seating and grills. Sports lovers can enjoy two soccer fields, volleyball, as well as horseshoes. This 11-acre park is lined with trees and also has restroom facilities near the paved parking lot.

Hartsig Park Location

This neighborhood park is located at 2701 Martin Rd, Warren, MI 48092, west of Ryan between 11 Mile Road and 12 Mile Road.

Hartsig Park Overview

Play Elements: A two story structure as well as a merry-go-round.
Swings: four regular, two baby bucket swings, in addition to a face to face swing.
Surface: wood chips and also grass.
Unique Features: inclusive merry-go round.
Bathrooms:  seasonal.
Water Fountain: seasonal.
Shade: yes.
Pavilion:  yes.
Picnic Tables: yes.
Grills: yes.
Sports Fields:  soccer, volleyball as well as horseshoe pits.
Walking Trails: no.
Parking: paved lot.
Tot Play Structure: no.
Fenced in: no.
Seating: picnic tables under the pavilion.

volleyball court at Hartsig Park

Connect with Warren

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Other Parks in Warren

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  • Halmich Park – 3001 13 Mile Rd. 74 acre community park that hosts sports together with two large playgrounds.
  • Warren Community Park – 5460 Arden. A 48 acre community park that hosts not only the community center, but also several sports fields and a playground.
  • City Square Fountain – One City Square. A 2 acre park featuring a water fountain in the summer and ice rink in the winter. The park is also home to restrooms and several picnic tables.
  • Veterans Park (Formerly Council Park) – 27400 Campbell. This community park features a Veterans Memorial in addition to plenty of green space within it’s 22 acres. Park goers can also enjoy a play area, picnic shelter, volleyball and shuffleboard.
  • Shaw Park – 22001 Warner. A 20 acre community park that features a play area, plenty of sports together with picnic areas and lots of shaded green space.

Neighborhood Parks in Warren

  • Altermatt Park – 4811 Toepfer. This 2.6 neighborhood park is full of trees. Guests can enjoy the play structure and also a nice picnic area.
  • Austin-Dannis Park – 5200 Stephens. This 10 acre park hosts a large splay structure in addition to soccer, basketball and roller hockey.
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  • Busse Park – 5002 Frazho. A 10 acre park with lots of green space together with a play area, and tennis courts.
  • Butcher Park – 4700 Martin. This 12.5 acre park hosts lots of green space in addition to a play structure and picnic facilities.
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  • Groesbeck Park – 22221 Memphis. This 6.9 acre park is home to a large play structure, baseball, basketball and picnic facilities.
  • Hartsig Park – 2701 Martin. An 11 acre neighborhood park that featured a brand new playground, sports, as well as picnicking facilities.
  • Jaycee Park – 11371 Timken. A 4.5 acre park with a play structure, picnic area and roller hockey.
  • Licht Park – 30100 Campbell. This 7 acre neighborhood park is home to several shaded picnic areas as well as a play area and fitness course.
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  • Trombly Park – 14775 Alvin. Trombley Park is home to 14.5 acres of green space and also a play area. Guests can also enjoy the use of the picnic area and comfort station.
  • Wiegand Park – 8700 Toepfer. a 15 acre park that hosts baseball diamonds in addition to a play area and picnic pavilion.
  • Winters Park – 13000 St. Andrews. Guests can enjoy this 6.5 acre park with a play structure, picnic area as well as a baseball diamond.
  • Underwood Park – 13700 Sidonie. An 8 acre park with a play area and soccer field.
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