Super Blanky™

Great news.. Super Blanky has received a makeover and is now available at Target with awesome characters like Batman and My Little Pony, check out our latest review.

Disclaimer: I received this product for free in exchange for this promotional post.  All opinions are my own.  your experience may differ. 

It’s a blanket! It’s a cape! It’s Super Blanky™!  That’s the boast from Karen Czarnik, a resident of Metro Detroit and the creator of Super Blanky™.  Her Super Blanky™ products truly are fun and entirely unique. 

As a mom, I love everything about the Super Blanky™. The first huge plus is the design.  Two panels are sewn on the inside of the cape for children to insert their arms, thus eliminating the possibility of strangulation.  

The Super Blanky™ also is a rectangular shape which makes it a perfect blanket.  Rosa has already used it to cuddle up with on the couch and sleeps with it every night.  
There are also plenty of accessories which are great fun and make the blanket even more
playful.  Rosa loves her Super Hero mask, however Carlyn is a bit jealous as the mask is a bit big on her still.  With a cape and a mask, her Super Hero costume is complete, now whenever there is trouble, Super Rosa is there to save the day. 

Creator Karen states she loves when customers send pics of themselves wearing her Super Blankys™
and is happy to share the images with her growing fan base on her website and social
media pages. If you’d like to be featured on her pages please feel free to send
your pics to or
tag one of their social media links in one of your favorite pics!

You can find Super Blanky™:

Amber Louchart

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